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GNOME IWR Applet will get a current status of IWR aka WCLSCAN from information server and will display face characters, (^_^)v, (-_-;), (-_-T) and (@o@#). Default test server is http://stat.wclscan.org. Retrieving time interval is one(1) hour, interval is fixed, not flexible. If you want to know the meaning of faces, see this page .

Source Code Download

The latest version is "0.0.1b". GNOME 2.6 or later is required for compiling. I compiled it and have been used it under Debian GNU/Linux Sarge. Now, Japanese version of README.ja is available. Icons is available and prepare it at iwrapplet/src/icons/ but this version show only ascii arts. If someone modify it to use icons, I really appreciate it.

  • Source Code is http://h2np.net/iwr/iwrapplet-0.0.1b.tar.gz

    $ sha1sum iwrapplet-0.0.1b.tar.gz
    e597e77cc65e54192ee0afbb6066ca9e4c8c5ba3 iwrapplet-0.0.1b.tar.gz

    Debian package: Not yet

  • Red Hat package: Not yet
  • SuSE package: Not yet
  • Vine package: Not yet
  • FreeBSD package: Not yet

    I would really appreciate some help for making IWRapplet install package for Linux, FreeBSD and other distributions.

    Hironobu SUZUKI < suzuki.hironobu @ gmail. com >

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